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Chemical Labpacking

Some businesses generate waste streams, such as used oil, coolant or industrial process wastes, on a regular basis. Yet almost all businesses possess chemicals in smaller volumes (bottles, jugs, or buckets less than or equal to five-gallon size) for regular facility maintenance and operations, or for use in a research and development lab.

All chemicals maintain a shelf life or lose their effectiveness over time. Many go unused due to improper purchasing systems, new plant processes, superior or “greener” alternative products, or new lab techniques. In all cases, careful attention is required in managing these chemicals – both from a safety standpoint and a regulatory level.

Rock River Environmental Solutions specializes in the labpacking of chemicals. We are experts in the identification and classification of hazardous waste according to DOT and EPA regulations. Each one of our project managers began in the industry as a field chemist or a chemical technician, and it’s this experience and training that sets us apart.

As a result of their work at large national pharmaceutical and government facility labs, there aren’t many compounds our staff hasn’t encountered. Our staff can inventory your discarded chemicals and provide you with a free quote for labpacking and disposal.







The term “lab-pack” refers to placing several sealed containers of compatible hazardous wastes into a larger vessel, such as a 55-gallon drum, along with a packing material such as vermiculite, in order to transport the wastes to a disposal/incineration facility.

Although lab-packs appear inefficient when compared to combining all materials, they actually make a lot of sense. It is unwise, for safety and legal reasons, to encourage mixing different lab wastes in a single container.



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